Welcome to Fishtail Mountain

Welcome to the Fishtail Mountain School of Hospitality, Tourism & Management, Pokhara.

The Fishtail Mountain SHTM was founded on the conviction of The Hotel School Nepal, the country's pioneers of international hospitality education, to establish a Hospitality Centre of Excellence which will be committed to the latest international quality hospitality management education. Through top-notch academia, skills development training, technology, and research. The Fishtail Mountain SHTM is embarking on a landmark historic journey that will once more put Pokhara, a well-known tourist lake city, on the world's hospitality map. We aspire to be one of Asia's top International Hotel Schools. We welcome students from all across Nepal and from other countries to visit and explore these opportunities that will enrich their lives. Enjoy the magnificent Himalayas and Pokhara. We at Fishtail Mountain STHM assure you that it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fishtail Mountain SHTM is the 1st Hotel School in Nepal to offer the dual award in Hospitality Education: a 4 years Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons) from Taylor’s University, Malaysia and The University of Toulouse Jean Jaures, France. These International Degrees have also been approved by the Ministry of Education, Nepal too.  

With a focus on entrepreneurship, professionalism, and employability skills, we offer 22 Short-term Professional Diploma courses in association with the American Hospitality Academy USA. All operational areas of hotels, restaurants, bars & drinks, oenology, bartending, room service, cuisine, baking, patisserie, and confectionery are covered in the courses that are provided. We also provide classes for learning French, developing soft skills, and enhancing personality. All of our training and skill-building programs are offered at convenient hours.

A truly educational experience should foster substantial professional and personal growth while being intellectually demanding, thrilling, and inspiring. The development of core values and overall personality will always be a priority for Fishtail Mountain SHTM. Our entire faculty and staff adhere to this idea.

All successful students will be offered internships and job placements with renowned international brands, including luxury hotel chains in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Gulf Cities, Turkey, South East Asian Cities, and China, to name a few.

The primary goal and vision of Fishtail Mountain SHTM, Pokhara, is to offer deserving local students the best education in the international hospitality and tourism industry to deserving local students at an affordable fee and to further guide them in securing employment in Nepal and abroad.

To ensure that Fishtail Mountain SHTM ranks among the Top Ivy League Hotel Schools of Asia, the Joint Board of Studies at Fishtail Mountain SHTM Pokhara, Taylor's University Malaysia, and University Toulouse Jean Jaures France have set a high standard for themselves.

Timing is everything when time is of importance. The quest for students looking for a successful international career in the hotel industry that is also reasonably priced has excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure and requires an international degree is over. The place to be in the future of global hospitality is Fishtail Mountain SHTM. The challenges of the industry in the future can only be met by students who are highly motivated and rigorously trained. We will ensure that you are groomed and equipped to face those challenges so that you successfully lead the organization and the industry.

I want to encourage all parents, guardians and students to consider a career in hospitality, and I reaffirm that we at Fishtail Mountain SHTM Pokhara will provide you with all the support in realizing your aspirations.

Best Regards,

Rajiv Dahal, PhD.,GM/Campus Head