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Medical History

The following Medical Test Reports are required:

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, Chest, X-ray, TB Test, HIV test, Hepatitis B, Jaundice, Complete Blood Count, Routine Urinalysis
  • Please bring all the afore mentioned Medical Reports along the Doctors NOC, stating that you are fit to work in the Hotel, Restaurant, Aviation and Maritime Industry.
  • To be deposited within 15 days of securing admission.
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Necessary Documents

Please make sure to attached a passport size white background colored photographs, a detailed curriculum vitae, photocopies of citizenship card and all certificates, diplomas and references received from the above schools, employees, and institutions, and compulsory health certificate in pdf format.
A resume is optional, although helpful for your application. If you have worked on a full-time basis, give the following information on an attached C.V./resume: Name and Address of your employer(s), date of employment, your job title and a description of your duties