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Kids Cooking - Fishtail Mountain School of Hospitality, Tourism & Management
Welcome to Fishtail Mountain
Kids Cooking
Kids Cooking

Concept behind this module is to provide basic introduction of the kitchen to the children and be able to cook without using fire. We offer various range of training session and its intensity depend upon age limit. Doing so children would learn how to be handful at home and working in responsible manner. Also, Participants introduced to safety and hygiene training.

  • 1 Day Session Menu
    • Cookies, Pastry
  • 2 Days Session Menu
    • Types of Salad, Cookies, Pastry
  • 3 Days Session Menu
    • Smoothie, Salad, Cupcakes, Sliders, Cookies, Muffins, Pastry
  • 5 Days Session Menu
    • Types of salad, Smoothie, Sliders, Burger, Tart, Pastry, Cupcakes.